Thomas Cunningham Standford, Pennsylvania

Comfortable, sharp looking, and universal for business or any occasion. As a slightly bigger guy, I’ve always had trouble finding a suit that both fit me comfortably and actually made me look good. Not until I discovered Bresciani would I ever even think I’d feel great in a slim fit. My first experience with the brand will certainly not be my last.
Fiona White Brooklyn, New York

My husband and I decided to buy Bresciani suits for our bridal party, and now I can’t believe we even considered renting! My husband’s groomsmen have all drastically different builds, and the Bresciani tuxedos looked stunning on every single one of them. They even shipped out all the suits to our bridal party. Not to mention, the prices are unbeatable!
Giuseppe Ingrasselino Orlando, Florida

For a long time I purchased my suits from Giorgio Armani and Prada. Ever since I started buying Bresciani suits, I prefer them over any other designer. Its plain to see the sartorial elegance in the stunning quality of the fabrics, whenever I wear it I always get recognition. Only problem I can think of is that I can’t stop buying these suits!
Austin Vilella Weschester Atlanta, Georgia

Bresciani is my number one go-to for both business and casual wear, with styles and fits ranging from classic to modern. In short, the Bresciani Suit is the best fitting and best looking suit I have. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.